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Free Image Hosting
Here at Avatarity we give you access to thousands of quality icons and avatars, but we cannot host them for you because the bandwidth cost would be too great.

Many forums allow you to upload your avatar to their servers and will keep them hosted there at no charge. Others however, require you to find your own place to host these images.

Since we can't afford to do this ourselves, we decided to point you in the right direction. Below find a small list of sites that let you upload and link to images for free.

To use them, find an Avatar you like, then download it to your computer (Right-Click on the picture and then select "Save Image As..." on most browsers). Then go to the host's page and use their service to upload the Avatar. They will then give you a URL you can use to link to the Avatar from a forum.

Supported Files: jpg, gif, png
Size Limit: 100KB
Images Expire: 1 Month
PixPond allows you to upload up to two images right off the home page, and will instantly provide you with a URL for the image(s) you uploaded. In a nice touch, it will also give you an HTML code for linking to the image on a page, and a BB code for posting the picture in a forum.

The downside is that it says images are deleted after 30 days, so this is not a good choice if you want your Avatar for the long term.

However for people who change their Avatars as often as they change their underwear, the 100 kilobyte size limit will be plenty for any Avarar you're likely to find on this site.

Supported Files: jpg, gif, png
Size Limit: 600KB
Images Expire: No/1 Year
ImageShack is a no-frills type of service that is set up very minimalistically. Come to their page, upload the image via your browser, get the HTML code. Their single file limit is 600 Kilobytes, more than you should ever need for an Avatar, and the image will be on their server for as long as it's used (they say they delete images after 1 year if nobody looks at them).

The page you see after uploading the image shows you the HTML code and BB code of the hosting image, and even gives you a URL of a web page where this image is shown - but it doesn't give you the plain image url itself, which is what you will want to paste into your forum's control panel. You can manually extract that url from their BB or HTML code, but that is an extra hassle you may not appreciate. Then again, you only need to do this once.

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